Who we are

FATEXPRO LTD, Cyprus is a holding company investing in the acquisition of companies engaged in trade in the agricultural sector.

FATEXPRO LTD acquires and holds shares in the companies dealing with wholesale trade of grains and oilseeds commodities such as soybean meal, soybeans, sunflower meal, yellow peas, wheat, wheat bran, corn, etc. Switzerland and Georgia are the primary regions of the current investment interest. The сompany will be looking at expanding of corporate group to include more companies and regions.

Keys to Success

  • Favorable strategic location allows the company to operate its assets effectively both in in the EU and the CIS.

  • Top management with over eight years of business experience in the industry, capable to oversee and develop the strategic goals of the company.

  • Strong project-management staffing with extensive experience in the required areas.

Our company recognizes the experience, reputation and business contacts in the industry as the most valuable asset of the company. Given/ Taking into account the wide experience in the industry, Fatexpro LTD specialists are ready to share their skills in wholesale, brokerage, logistics and other consulting services, thereby improving the positioning and value of companies in the local and international market.

Fatexpro Group

FATEXPRO GROUP is an international dynamically developing agro-industrial group of companies that has been operating since 2006 in the field of wholesale trade in ingredients for mixed feeds and the food industry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Turkey and China. The group has been operating on the market for more than 13 years and it is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural products to the CIS countries and the Baltic countries. Thanks to many years’ experience, the group of companies also offers brokerage and logistics services, expert assistance.

The structure of Fatexpro Group is represented by the following companies:

Nowadays Fatexpro Group has more than 50 employees.

The annual revenue of the group of companies is more than $ 110 million.

The fundamental principles of the group of companies are stability of supply and responsibility to partners.

The customer base of the company is represented by more than 500 companies, which are agricultural holdings and groups of companies, manufactures of meat products, livestock and poultry farms, animal feed plants.

We can guarantee the quality of the supplied products and delivery times because we have a team of highly qualified specialists, and we also work with only well-known and reliable companies. Fatexpro Group has business partners in different countries, mainly in Argentina, Ukraine, Morocco, Mauritania, Turkey and the CIS countries.

The group of companies increases the number of partners and customers, expands the range of services and replenishes the staff with qualified specialists with each year of work on the market. We consider it is our responsibility to be the best in what we do. Therefore, we are constantly looking for people who are professionals in their field.

Our group of companies is able to attract, develop and motivate its employees thanks to a structured corporate culture, a well-thought-out remuneration system and the possibility of continuous development in a dynamic business environment.


Experienced professional advice in any business is very important.

Fatexpro to provide high-class services to all participants of global agricultural markets.

In addition to traditional brokerage services, the company has particular skills in provision of professional consultations according to the individual need of each client.

The company also provides logistics services and carrying out detailed analysis and regular quality control.


Mrs. Nino Razmadze currently holds the position of Director of Fatexpro Georgia.

She has experience working in legal service and audit companies, as well as a business analyst in an international team of business and statistics, during which she gained experience of discovering and understanding different international markets. Worked to develop and implement cost-effective purchasing strategies and strategically evaluated market conditions.

Over the last few years Mrs. Razmadze is actively engaged in monitoring and expediting shipments and procurements of goods and services internationally, as well as approaching varying suppliers prior to making purchases, implementing effective negotiation strategies to close deals with the best possible outcome.

Mrs. Razmadze is distinguished by possessing forward-thinking views of business development, bringing forth valuable industry experience and the skills to achieve real results.

She is adept in developing key relationships with strategic partners, and committed to working to ensure a company continually moves in the right direction, bringing forth the ability to effectively oversee all processes related to the advantageous procurement of goods and services.